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Best Books 2017-2018

This year I read 16 books. Here’s a list of the books I read.

List of Books:
1. The Last Dog on Earth, Daniel Ehrenhaft
2. Wonder, P.J. Palacio
3. The Fourth Stall, Chris Rylander
4. IFunny, James Paterson
5. The Giver, Lowry
6. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Jeff Kinney
7. One Last Word, Nikki Grimes
8. Scary Stories, Schwartz
9. Orphan Island, Laurel Snyder
10. Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright, Ron Koertge
11. Bodies From the Ash, James Deem
12. Scary Stories for Sleepovers, Q.L. Pearce
13. Lord of the Flies, William Golding
14. Dog Man, Dav Pilkey
15. I Even Funnier, James Patterson
16. The Dead, Charlie Higson.

I’m pretty proud of my list. My goal was 15 and I got 16 so that’s good I surpassed my goal. The goal is a little low for me next year I’m going for 20 books because that’s seems pretty good and I feel like I can accomplish it. While I was reading these books I realized that not all small “easy” books are
good. I also noticed I don’t like “easy” books because lots of them are too cheesy. The only “easy” books I like are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.


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Sol #3: Fouls

One time in math class we were working on a problem but I wasn’t paying attention so when my teacher called on me I asked him what page we were on and my other teacher Mr. Warble heard what I said and gave me a foul for it.


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to Eva Landova                                                 Fall is here.                                                                           The leaves turn yellow in the trees,
Here I sit on a rock                                            the campfire dies out.                    
In front of a                                                       My thoughts are far from here,
One brand after another                                    somewhere far,
is snatched by fire.                                            Where integrity lives.
Into the darkness
the forest recedes.
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