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Sol #4: Assembly

Me and Jude were sitting in the bleachers during the assembly and he wanted to see the gorilla get splashed with water for a while so he was getting really impatient. So when Mr. Bertoletti flipped over the bucket and  confetti came out instead of water he was mad. He also didn’t like that the assembly was boring and he had to be there instead of being in the incentive room.


  1. I was sitting next to Bri doing the same things because he brought out the water and never did anything with it for a long time.


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Sol #3: Fouls

One time in math class we were working on a problem but I wasn’t paying attention so when my teacher called on me I asked him what page we were on and my other teacher Mr. Warble heard what I said and gave me a foul for it.


For the butterfly project we were given a poem and we had to create a butterfly and the butterfly had to have things that the poem had in it. Then we had to create a Thinglink and put some annotions on the picture of our butterfly and write about what we put on our butterfly and why we put it on there.

to Eva Landova                                                 Fall is here.                                                                           The leaves turn yellow in the trees,
Here I sit on a rock                                            the campfire dies out.                    
In front of a                                                       My thoughts are far from here,
One brand after another                                    somewhere far,
is snatched by fire.                                            Where integrity lives.
Into the darkness
the forest recedes.
                                                                           It lives in my friend.

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