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Slice of life

On Wednesday me and my friends went to pizza platter and my friend lost his Visa gift card when we were walking home he realized that he lost it and we called pizza platter and the man said he checked and that it wasn’t there.
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one word

My one word is Practice. I chose this word because I want to practice getting better at basketball. The specific steps I will take to live my word are go to the Y (mainly on fridays) and play basketball. I will hold myself accountable with my word by setting a reminder on my phone for Friday’s that says “Go to the Y today”

Perfect Shoes

I think the perfect shoes are Jordans because most of the shoes they have are nice and good for basket ball. A perfect Jordan is the Jordan 1, I think this because the shoe is MJs first Jordan, its good for basketball but if you don’t want to ruin them I don’t suggest playing in them and the shoe just looks good especially in the Bred, Royal and Top 3 colorways. The reason the colorway is called the Top 3 is because it has Jordans Top 3 colorways of the Jordan 1 on one shoe those top 3 colorways are the breds, royals and Chicago’s. The Jordan 1 has an all Flyknit version where all of the shoe is made of Flyknit except the sole and another version of the Jordan 1 is the Off-White collab its a nice and EXPENSIVE shoe. Another Jordan that is good is the 32s it’s a good basketball shoe and it’s lightweight since it has a Flyknit upper. It is Jordans latest shoe model at the time anit looks good in the bred colorway. 

Top 3

Novel vs. Movie

In The Outsiders there are many similarities between the book and movie. Some ways they are the same is in both the novel and the movie after coming back from eating breakfast they see the burning church and go to help save the children from the burning church. Another way they are the same is After the movies Ponyboy and Johnny go to the empty lot and end up falling asleep for a bit.

There are also many differences between the book and the movie. One way they are different is in the novel Ponyboy and Johnny ask a farmer for help on how to get to the abandoned church but in the movie they don’t ask anybody they just walk to it after getting off the train. Another difference is in the book Ponyboy gets hit by Dallas in the burning church to get the fire that’s on him out and Ponyboy gets knocked out from the hit. But in the movie while they are saving the children from the church Ponyboy starts getting out of the church and Dallas pulls him out but Ponyboy faints.

I think the movie is …


I like hamburgers because they are nice I only like bacon and ketchup with my burgers. Places that make good burgers are Portillo's, Wendy's, RedRobins and McDonald's.

favorite character

My favorite outsider is Twobit because he seems cool and funny and he always wants to get in fights. Those are really the only reasons why he is my favorite he's barely in the chapters we've read so I don't have much to say about him.

Identity blog

One of my identities is being a sneaker head. I have hype sneakers but I'm not a hype beast I've only got three hype shoes those being Jordan Ones, NMD XR1s and Timberlands  although people don't really like XR1s I still think they look cool just because of the cage.
I'm getting back into shoes I stopped buying Jordans in fifth grade now I bought some Jordan ones recently and I also plan on buying some new Jordan ones dropping in October. I don't like regular Jordans because I don't like it when they crease so I just bought flyknit ones in the bred color way.
The Nmds I bought have primeknit which is the same thing as flyknit but stretchy and its Adidas instead of Nike and nmds have boost which is a squishy sole. I like these shoes because they are look nice and they ones and nmds are comfy.