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Best Books 2017-2018

This year I read 16 books. Here’s a list of the books I read.

List of Books:
1. The Last Dog on Earth, Daniel Ehrenhaft
2. Wonder, P.J. Palacio
3. The Fourth Stall, Chris Rylander
4. IFunny, James Paterson
5. The Giver, Lowry
6. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Jeff Kinney
7. One Last Word, Nikki Grimes
8. Scary Stories, Schwartz
9. Orphan Island, Laurel Snyder
10. Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright, Ron Koertge
11. Bodies From the Ash, James Deem
12. Scary Stories for Sleepovers, Q.L. Pearce
13. Lord of the Flies, William Golding
14. Dog Man, Dav Pilkey
15. I Even Funnier, James Patterson
16. The Dead, Charlie Higson.

I’m pretty proud of my list. My goal was 15 and I got 16 so that’s good I surpassed my goal. The goal is a little low for me next year I’m going for 20 books because that’s seems pretty good and I feel like I can accomplish it. While I was reading these books I realized that not all small “easy” books are
good. I also noticed I don’t like “easy” books because lots of them are too cheesy. …
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For the butterfly project we were given a poem and we had to create a butterfly and the butterfly had to have things that the poem had in it. Then we had to create a Thinglink and put some annotions on the picture of our butterfly and write about what we put on our butterfly and why we put it on there.

to Eva Landova                                                 Fall is here.                                                                           The leaves turn yellow in the trees,
Here I sit on a rock                                            the campfire dies out.                    
In front of a                                                       My thoughts are far from here,
One brand after another                                    somewhere far,
is snatched by fire.                                            Where integrity lives.
Into the darkness
the forest recedes.
                                                                           It lives in my friend.

Las Dog on Earth Book Blog

My favorite book from quarter 3 was The Last Dog on Earth by Daniel Ehrenhaft it is a Young Adult  book. The plot is a virus is spreading through this town and it’s making dogs go crazy and they start attacking people and so the police have to shoot and kill every dog they see but when the main character Logan gets a new dog he starts to really like the dog and so when his parent want to put the
dog down Logan isn’t cool with that and so he runs away with his dog and that’s when BIG things start to happen and you’ll have to read the book to see what happens. Some main characters are Logan, Jack, Mr. Moore and Mrs. Moore. Read the book to find out  what happens to Logan and Jack.

Sol #7 Messing with Gavin

On Friday in math class me and Anthony started messing with Gavin because he always gives the best reactions. So we know how much Gavin loves his older sister and he gets really mad when anyone and I mean anyone talks about her. So Anthony tells Gavin how “hot” she is and Gavin doesn’t like that but since Gavin doesn’t know how to get Anthony mad he brings up my sister. I don’t really care that he brings her up since I know he’s only bringing her up so I can get mad but I’m chilling.

Sol #6: Cat barking

So Monday me, Gavin and Anthony were talking on Houseparty (it’s an app that allows you to make multiple video calls at once) and so we were talking and my cat meows a lot and they could hear her meowing and Gavin says “Tell your cat to stop barking” it was pretty funny at the time and he sounded really serious and that made it even funnier. Gavin said a lot more dumb things that night.

Sol #5: Rally

The rally we had yesterday was pretty interesting. Jose was in back of me and I talked to him about his girl for a little bit before the rally started and it was a very interesting conversation. My favorite  speeches from the rally would probably be Tati’s or Corey’s. When we went outside I talked to Jude, Juanpablo and Bri and then Ms. Brezek recorded a video of us. What was your favorite part of the rally?

Sol #4: Assembly

Me and Jude were sitting in the bleachers during the assembly and he wanted to see the gorilla get splashed with water for a while so he was getting really impatient. So when Mr. Bertoletti flipped over the bucket and  confetti came out instead of water he was mad. He also didn’t like that the assembly was boring and he had to be there instead of being in the incentive room.